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It seems some women are automatically great at parenting...

Others, like self-described "Mommy Mentor" Pamela Whitt, use what Pam calls the "grow as you go" parenting method. Her philosophy is simple: Inspired parents raise kids with a thirst for education and success. Pam motivates the mom who is defeated by parent peer-pressure, socio-economic status or feels overwhelmed and unequipped. The essence of her work is to empower parents and speak life to their dormant dreams and goals so they can help their children discover theirs. 


In her 25 years as a cosmetologist and small business owner, Pamela has counseled and mentored countless members of her clientele. Through sharing her own life experiences and a partnership with the world-class John Maxwell Team she adds value, educates, empowers and motivates parents and caregivers through growth and development to succeed at living better lives.


Pamela has led multiple parenting organizations in both public and private schools and she's dedicated to creating healthy "parent-child-education-community" relationships. Outside of her passion for motivating moms, Pamela at 47 is a student pursuing a Psychology degree, writer and mother to a 22-year-old college grad, a 16-year-old high school junior, 10-year-old Shihtzu named Stuart and a 1-year-old Grey Tabby named Normando. She is a John Maxwell trained speaker/ trainer/ coach and active in her Calumet Park community as a Commissioner of the Community Relations Committee (CRC). She grew up in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago where she credits learning a sense of pride, critical thinking skills, community and old school family values.

Our goal is to empower parents, and help them build legacies.


Our mission is to motivate parents and caregivers to raise children who are fully self-aware and see their own unlimited potential to fulfill their dreams.


We envision a world where parents and youth have access to, and utilize the tools they need to help them achieve success for themselves and their families.