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Empowering parents to build legacies. 


John Maxwell certified speaking engagements. 

Coaching & Training

Helping you become the best version of you.

Strategic Parenting

An evidence-based approach to empowering parents.

We believe that empowered parents raise kids with a thirst for education and success. Our mission is to motivate parents and caregivers to raise children who are fully self-aware and see their own unlimited potential to fulfill their dreams. The essence of our work is to inspire parents and provide them with the tools and resources to create new, powerful legacies in their families through the empowerment and education of children. Motivate Moms' Strategic Parenting Program, group workshops, and one-on-one coaching programs are designed to embolden parents to live a healthier, purposeful and more fulfilling life for themselves and their families. Come grow with us.


We believe that empowered parents raise kids with a thirst for education and success

















Pamela Whitt is an entrepreneur, author, and John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and trainer. She has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to helping parents, women, and youth align their thinking with their actions, to achieve their goals and ultimately attain success.

Pamela created the Strategic Parenting Program out of a need for a greater connection between parents, educators, and students. She recognized a need for parents to become more active participants in the education of their children, and support teamwork with teachers. This parent engagement program provides hands-on, evidence-based strategies to increase parent participation in schools, and improve relationships between families, educators, administrators, and faculty. 

Chelsea Hayes, SPHR

CEO & Principal Consultant

The Coaching Factory

"What I love most about Pam isn't necessarily what she does but how she does it. Her gentleness makes her an ideal coach and mentor to so many.  Although she has decades of experience in parenting, business ownership, and cosmetology, she carefully relates to each client and remains a sought after counselor in her community. Her ability to empathize with others and provide practical solutions that empower her audience is unparalleled." 

Deja Whitt

Operations Manager

Junior Achievement of Chicago

"Earlier this Spring, Pamela partnered with us as a guest speaker for Neil Elementary School's Career Day event. With over 70+ K-8 students, pre-preschoolers, and diverse learners present, some speakers found it challenging to keep students' attention. However, Pamela found a way to connect with each child, making her an undeniable favorite among the students." 

Bianca Cotton


Behind the Confident Smile

"Thank you for pouring out your love and knowledge. I walked away with some gems to take with me to the next level." 

Pastor Diane Brown


Christ Unity Evangelistic Church

"AMAZING! Pam's presentation on parenting principles were simply phenomenal. Women present at our Empowerment Symposium were drawn to the edge of their seats as the Mommy Mentor and motivational speaker captivated their inquiring minds and their hearts with the gentle yet firm spirit. The insight Pam shared is real, relevant, relateable and attainable. The positive and absolute results are more about 'what you do, than what you say'. Thank you Pam for being the God-fearing, compassionate, beautiful parenting example you are." 

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